About Us

Hi, we're Jo and Kate and we live in Lamberton Holdings just over the Border in Scotland with our lovely Labradors Ruby and Willow.

Jo: I am definitely an outdoorsy girl who just loves to spend hours pottering in the garden or enjoying walks along our glorious beaches with my sidekick Ruby.  I think if I was to choose one word that would best describe me it would be 'determined' as I don't like to give up on any goals I set myself, and believe me there are lots :)  Little Lamberton has been a dream of ours for a long time and I can't wait to share this with you!

Kate:  I am a great lover of cooking and would spend all day in the kitchen if I got the choice! I hope I get the chance to bake some delicious treat for you! I love being out doors too but maybe not as much as Jo! I feel very fortunate to live in the Borders, being able to take Ruby to the beach whenever we want or explore the countryside and visit some of the great pubs really makes the Borders a special place to be. I love Little Lamberton and I am yet to get bored of seeing the fabulous sunsets we get up here! I look forward to meeting you and sharing our little spot of paradise. 

Ruby: I live up to my Labrador traits by being lovable, lazy at times (especially mornings), and always hungry! I love spending my days outside helping Jo with the jobs whilst playing with my ball. I get very excited when people come and visit and I'll be sure to come and say hello if you would like to meet me.

Willow: I am probably the smallest Labrador in the Borders, but I make up for it with my big personality! My favourite thing is trying to find new ways of trying to sneak into the huts field, but all of my entrances have now been blocked! I love food but most of all I love Ruby and like to copy everything she does! 

The Boys: We are a friendly bunch and love to come over and say hello! Our breed originally comes from Switzerland and that's why we are so curly and fluffy as we need to cope with mountain weather. We all have very different personalities and if you want to know which one of us are which ask Jo or Kate. We love a scratch behind the ears and if you hear us bleating its usually because we are reminding everyone its teatime.