Dogs Welcome

Your dog is just as welcome at Little Lamberton as you are!

A holiday to us is not a holiday unless Ruby and Willow (our black labs) can come with us! So how could we set up a holiday business that didn't allow those furry members of the family to come too?! Answer is we didn't!

Ruby and Willow will be happy to welcome you and your dog to Little Lamberton, she may not be happy about sharing her ball mind!

Seeing as the hut is not the biggest we would recommend no more than one dog and if you have a Great Dane it may be a bit of a squish! Please do pop us a message though it you are desperate to bring two dogs with you and we can see if its possible.

We think your dog deserves a few little luxuries whilst they are on their holiday so they can expect:

  • A secure enclosed large garden area
  • Dog bed
  • Towel
  • Water bowl
  • And as it's their holiday too there will definitely be a treat or 2!

There is a small charge of £20 per stay for your dog to join you and a few t&c's that can be found in our booking policy.

We do ask that you do not leave your dog unattended in the hut but if you are wanting to go off and explore on your own for the day our friends at Sandy Paws will be happy to help.

Please note that we are surrounded by livestock and each of the fields around the hut has animals in them, including our beautiful valais blacknose boys. So we do ask that you keep your dog under control if you are crossing any of the fields, as we want to ensure everyone is happy and safe.